Services and Rates

In addition to blogging and writing books about dwarves, I offer the services listed below to small-business clients seeking to expand their web-presence.

All fees are finalized as a negotiated flat-rate on a per-project basis, using the schedule below as a rough estimate.

For a more precise quote, feel free to contact me using the form here, or at

Blog/Web Content $0.15c/word
General Copywriting $0.10c/word
Sales Writing $0.10c/word
B2B Writing $0.25c/word
White Papers $0.25c/word
Newsletters $0.07/word
Awkward Emails to Coworkers 1 cup coffee
Passive-Aggressive Post-Its to Roommates 2 slices pizza
Letters to Distant, Rich, Senile Relatives Who are Getting on in Years with Whom You’d Like to Shore Up Relations Negotiable