Yep, it’s yet another post about videogames. I’ve had a notion kicking around my head lately that I haven’t really seen given a name or discussed anywhere else.  Playing Undead […]

Deep Sounding has dropped to $2.99 for for FIVE DAYS ONLY, as a part of Nebula-award-nominated writer Vera Nazarian’s Epic Sale: a steaming platter of indie fantasy e-books, pulled fresh […]

Saw a big spike in blog visits (and book sales!) after yesterday’s post.  I presume most of the new traffic is coming from Hugh Howey’s generous link to the article […]

Author Hugh Howey has an interesting approach to fan-fiction: he encourages it.  For those who don’t know, Howey is the author of “Wool”, a self-published sci-fi series turned breakout mega-hit, […]

I encountered something interesting while writing the first Deep Sounding, and it’s now rearing it’s ugly little head at me once more, so I figured it might make a good […]

You might have noticed a new wordcount bar has been added on the left, and is rapidly filling.  There’s something very addictive and gratifying about publicly updating that count as […]

Emergent Storytelling

Can I do a post about videogames?  Would that be weird? It’s no secret that games are a huge part of my life.  In my interview with YR Jones, I […]