The Book is Out!

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Cover Design by Jordan Erb

What a journey it’s been.  In a previous post I said I felt uniquely entitled to use the cliché that writing a novel is like climbing a mountain.  Well, if I’ve earned that right, then it’s time to exercise it, because I feel like I just fell face-first down Everest.

As of now, the book does not officially display as being Published, in my Amazon feed.  It’ll be awhile before I can see sales data, and even longer before reviews start coming in.

None of that changes the fact that I am exhausted, excited, energized, and eager to see what happens next, all at once.

Deep Sounding is available on Amazon for $3.99.  Fifty cents of every sale will go toward the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation, a non-profit organization which helps families affected by epilepsy to obtain crucial resources, like seizure alert/response dogs and emfit movement monitors.