The Wall of Memory

Sometime in the last few years it became officially Not Cool to talk about nostalgia anymore, or to admit a sincere emotional connection to products of capitalism and consumer brands. […]

Screenshot of the indie game "I Have Low Stats But My Class is 'Leader', So I Recruited Everyone I Know to Fight the Dark Lord"

In games, when we discuss a novel new gimmick that “just works” so smoothly it seems like it HAS to be automated, the answer to the eternal question, “How’d they […]

FF Story Style

It’s 2 AM on a Friday and I’m sitting in the dark writing a stylesheet for Twine. Why? Who knows! The long answer is, a personal project that will probably […]

Invisible Prose

There’s a strain of common logic among certain writers and readers which goes a little something like this…

Ideal Environment

Last night I was sitting in a diner, and I got to thinking about how the environment in which we consume fiction affects our perception of it.