Screenshot of the indie game "I Have Low Stats But My Class is 'Leader', So I Recruited Everyone I Know to Fight the Dark Lord"

In games, when we discuss a novel new gimmick that “just works” so smoothly it seems like it HAS to be automated, the answer to the eternal question, “How’d they […]

FF Story Style

It’s 2 AM on a Friday and I’m sitting in the dark writing a stylesheet for Twine. Why? Who knows! The long answer is, a personal project that will probably […]

Invisible Prose

There’s a strain of common logic among certain writers and readers which goes a little something like this…

Ideal Environment

Last night I was sitting in a diner, and I got to thinking about how the environment in which we consume fiction affects our perception of it.

True Detective

So look.  Everybody and their grandmother is talking about HBO’s True Detective; which, having aired its final episode tonight, has firmly cemented itself as a work of television perfection.  But […]