Longwinded Literary Inanities


Here’s a snippet from the new novel.  Enjoy!  Bear in mind that this is hot off the presses, totally unedited, and will likely change substantially before publication. I’m aping AA […]

Yep, it’s yet another post about videogames. I’ve had a notion kicking around my head lately that I haven’t really seen given a name or discussed anywhere else.  Playing Undead […]

Saw a big spike in blog visits (and book sales!) after yesterday’s post.  I presume most of the new traffic is coming from Hugh Howey’s generous link to the article […]

Emergent Storytelling

Can I do a post about videogames?  Would that be weird? It’s no secret that games are a huge part of my life.  In my interview with YR Jones, I […]

This is one of those “I don’t blog enough” blog posts.  How blase.  I’m, like, so over this. What’s there to say?  I’ve been writing.  Or to phrase that differently, […]

Free Promotion Results

So here’s the skinny on yesterday’s free promotion.  I’ll start with the cold hard numbers, and then I’ll break it down and give the blow-by-blow, and my final impressions on […]