Howdy, Woolies!

Saw a big spike in blog visits (and book sales!) after yesterday’s post.  I presume most of the new traffic is coming from Hugh Howey’s generous link to the article on both his Facebook page and his Twitter, so I thought I’d better strike while the iron is hot and get to marketing my book to you guys while you’re still hanging around.

I thought about writing the normal self-published-writer self-marketing-rigamarole.  Stuff like “Hey!  Check out the book!  Drop me a review!  Tell your friends!  Here’s links my facebook and twitter; let’s network it up!  And dig these exclamation points!  They denote optimism and zazz!”

And then I thought, nah.  These are Hugh Howey fans.  They’re savvy readers.  They know what’s up.  If they want to check out my book, they’ll find it — and being fans of Hugh Howey, if they like it, I’m quite sure that they will make their opinion known.

So with that ugly business out of the way: welcome!  Come on in.  Put your feet up and stay awhile.  I’m Brandon; nice to meet you; make yourself at home.  There’s water in the fridge and leftover cookies on the counter.  Bathroom’s down the hall.  Remember to jiggle the handle and flush twice, cuz it sticks sometimes. 

And if you need me, I’ll be naked in the basement.  Knock first.