November is here!  And that means with it comes a flurry of Starbucks-drinkin, iPhone typin, turtleneck-sweater-wearin yuppies, moaning about their wordcounts and flabby second acts.

I’m talking of course about National Novel Writing Month.

If you haven’t heard of it before, here’s the gist: you write a 50,000 word novel in a month.

By way of comparison, that’s almost exactly the length of the book I just published — which I started in August, and whose completion took me TWO months to write, and a third to edit.

And now, not even one week after hitting the “upload” button on Amazon, I’m diving headfirst into another?

What the heck’s wrong with me?

It must be that time of the year…

I’ve added a wordcount widget to the bar on the left-hand side.  Watch the number climb throughout the month and root me on!  If that’s your thing.


EDIT: Guess I should link to my profile on nanowrimo, for people who are also doing it.  Buddy me or whatever 🙂

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